Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Day 2 in Peru

Greetings friends,
Well I created this blog a few years back and really didn't get around to posting anything but am now reviving as it will just be easier to forward you this link when I make updates.

Andrew and I had a snag free trip into Lima yesterday. We took a taxi to the bus station and then milled about Lima for the afternoon. It was actually much less crazy than the guidebooks all said it would be. We did stand out as the only gringos we saw all day but had a good time.
In the airport with our expedition sized pile-o-luggage.
A few nice Peruvian beverages

Last night we took an overnight bus to Huaraz and arrived at 7:30am. Huaraz is at about 10,000ft. I am not feeling the altitude but am having a little asthma acting up from the smog. After securing a nice little room we walked around town.
Our home in Huaraz.

 It is of course very poor here but a very fun place to be. There are short little chubby women everywhere in traditional bright clothes and distinctive cowboy type hats. The streets are lined with vendors selling all sorts of items. Of note I saw bags of live chickens and a cage of guinea pigs (they eat them).
Beautiful Huaraz: panoramic video below

Soccer in the streets

Andrew and I had Aji de Gallina which is sort of a soup bullion with noodles and a large piece of chicken inside. It reminded me of the Pho that I have been eating with Richard back in Reno. Andrew also had some coca tea today. I tasted it and it was very palatable. We are getting comfortable and oriented to the city and have a very secure place to stay which eases the nerves when you have large portion of your net worth in climbing gear stored there. I am pleasantly surprised to not really have to deal with begging and have felt very safe both here and yesterday in Lima despite being in the "bad part of town".

Tomorrow we are going to get food and supplies and find out about getting an "arrieros". Arrieros are porters with burros. Our guides say they cost about 3 dollars a day and about 1.75 per burro but we are required to provide a tent and feed them on the trip as well. The next day we have an acclimatization hike planned that will take us to over 15,000ft! That will be a new record for me.

I will keep you guys informed as I get more time, internet access, and will update with pictures if I can find a place that will upload them. As for now we are doing great.

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