Thursday, July 22, 2010

Finally in the Mountains

Today we did an acclimatization hike up into the mountains to check out some rock we were told might be good first ascent potential. Sadly the rock was not that good and had no cracks that would allow protection. Still, it was really cool to get up there.
Hiking into the Ishinca Valley

Tomorrow we go up to the Quebrada (Quechua word for valley) Paron. We have food for a week but think but plan to do the climb in 4-5 days. We will take a collectivo which is sort of a taxi where they cram a ton of people into, up to a town called Caraz and from there hire a taxi to go up the valley. We will then hire a porter to help us carry a load up a trail for 3 hours to basecamp. Our goal is a large 2000ft face of granite called la esfinge (the sphinx). From there we will spend a few more days going up higher gradually to acclimitize and then try to do the route all in one day topping out at 5300m (17,400ft). We are allowing for a few days extra before and after and then will hike out and come back to Huaraz in time for Peru´s version of the 4th of July.

We are really excited to finally get things underway although we have also really been enjoying the 3rd world city life.
Andrew and some fresh Guinea Pigs for the Barbie

I am not missing anything yet except for my girlfriend. Hope all is well with all of you back in the states and pray to the mountain gods for good weather for us.

I´ll report back in about a week.

Hasta Luego

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