Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Settling in

Andrew and I are settling in nicely. We can get around town pretty well and have even been mixing with the locals. We have been eating out every meal and have found a couple of places where you can get a bowl of soup, rice and chicken, and a drink for 4 soles or about $US 1.60. I still haven´t eaten the guinea pig yet but so far the food has all been pretty decent and no signs of sickness yet.
Pollo and Cui

Chicken anyone?

Last night we were lured into a bar with the offer of free pisco sours. It was a cool little rasta themed place that had evidentally just opened. One of the owners sang live to salsa tracks and was really good. We met a really cool couple from London that have been traveling all over the world since last September. Many drinks and a little dancing later Andrew and I headed back home.
Andrew enjoys some great live music with Albert

We have to ring the hostel-keeper to let us in but I guess she doesn´t stay up past midnight. So I do what any inebriated climber would do and climbed onto the roof. Unfortunately I got a nice gash on my hand from that little stunt but think I will survive. I bought some antibiotics today just in case we get sick in the mountains or if my cut starts to look infected.

Today Andrew and I secured supplies for carrying into the mountains. Tomorrow we are doing an acclimatization hike and are going to check out some possibilities for new routes in the Quebrada Ishinca (Quebrada is the Quechua word for valley).

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